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The Family Tree

The Family Tree is the accumulated research of many people. I am very grateful to all those distant cousins who I have “met” online who have shared their own research with me and I am gradually confirming this myself. However, the tree may well contain mistakes, typing errors and wrong information, so please let me know if you spot anything which you feel needs correction. Similarly, if you have anything which you think will be useful, both for my research and for information about the people who feature in the tree, please contact me. I am still continuing my research and regularly adding to the information on the site.

You can explore the Family Tree by clicking on the links to the left. Please be aware that the Family Tree is just a basic GEDCOM with sources and few notes – supporting information about the research into the main families will be found in the Articles, Documents and Research Notes.

The whole point of putting the tree online is to share the information, but bearing in mind that there probably are mistakes, I would appreciate it if you could let me know if you wish to add anything from this site to your own research, in case any errors are passed on. The site is an ongoing project and is often updated, so do visit regularly.

At the moment, people who are living, or have no date of death and may be still alive, should be “hidden”. If you would like your name to be seen or have a date for the death of anyone born after 1900, please let me know. Equally, if you find that a living person is showing please contact me.

“Remember me in the family tree, my name, my days, my strife;

Then I’ll ride upon the wings of time and live an endless life.”

© Linda Goetsch

The Family History articles are a mixture of interesting features and biographical histories of the main families in the tree. They are organised by family and will be continually added as they are written or transferred from other locations. They are organised by maternal and paternal sides.

Several of the articles were originally written for the Family Tree Online Magazine. They have been adapted or rewritten for this site, but to read them in context you can see them on Family Tree Forum.

This is probably the fifth version of the site and in the moving around,  especially this latest move, links may be broken and images gone walkabout while I sort it all out.

Please drop me a message (through the Family Tree page menu) if you do visit – people are visiting the site from all over the world now.