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Amy’s Maternal Roots

Amy’s mother, Elizabeth Adams, was the daughter of John Adams (1800-1885) and Anne Budden (1803-1878).

Elizabeth was baptised on the 25th October 1829 in Chalton where her family was living in 1841, but her place of birth is given as Horndean in 1851, Blendworth in 1861, Horndean in 1871, Chichester in 1881, Blendworth in 1891, Forrest Sides, Sussex in 1901 and Forestside, Sussex in 1911!

On the 6th June 1841 she was living at   Woodham, Chalton with her parents and younger siblings.

Ancestry of John Adams, Amy’s maternal grandfather

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John ADAMS was the son of William ADAMS and Ann LUFF, and was baptised on 23 November 1800 in Stoughton, Sussex.  He was an Agricultural labourer.

William ADAMS was born in 1768.  He married Ann LUFF on 29 June 1791 in Stoughton, Sussex.  He died in 1816 in Stoughton.  He was buried on 29 July 1816 in Stoughton. Ann LUFF, daughter of Thomas LUFF and Elizabeth CARTER, was baptised on 15 October 1771 in Iping, Sussex. Her parents, Thomas LUFF and Elizabeth CARTER were married in Iping, Sussex on 28 January 1769 by licence. Ann died of decay of nature, not certified, on 18 February 1851 in Stoughton. The informant was Bet Budden, present at the death, who made her mark.  She was buried on 23 February 1851 in Stoughton.

She and William ADAMS had the following children:

Henry ADAMS (1793- ) was baptised on 19 March 1793 in Stoughton.  In 1851, he was in Widley, Fareham, Hampshire.  He was a carter.

Thomas ADAMS (1795-1875) was baptised on 19 July 1795 in Stoughton.  He married Mary CHASE on 15 December 1818 in Stoughton.  On 30 March 1851 he was in Funtington, Sussex.  He was an Agricultural labourer. In 1861 he was in Westbourne, Sussex and on 2 April 1871 in Stoughton.   He died on 23 November 1875.

Bet ADAMS (1797- ) was baptised on 3 December 1797 in Stoughton.

John ADAMS (1800-1885) [See “The descendants of John Adams and Anne Budden” below]

James ADAMS (1805- ) was baptised on 1 September 1805 in Stoughton.  He was a Labourer.  In 1851 and 1861 he was in All Saints, Portsea, Hampshire.

Ancestry of Anne Budden, Amy’s maternal grandmother

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Anne BUDDEN was the daughter of William BUDDEN and Ann PORTER, and was baptised on 12 June 1803 in Chalton.

William BUDDEN, son of James BUDDEN and Mary LITTLEFIELD, was born in 1777 in Compton, Sussex.  He was baptised on 2 March 1777 in Compton. James BUDDEN was born in 1738 (calculated).  He married Mary LITTLEFIELD on 7 June 1773 in Hambledon, Hampshire.  He was buried on 3 July 1822 in Compton, Sussex.  Mary LITTLEFIELD was born in 1742 (estimated) in Hambledon.  She was buried on 2 April 1832 in Compton.

William  married Ann PORTER on 5 August 1802 in Compton.  He was buried on 13 April 1824 in Chalton, Hampshire.

Ann PORTER, daughter of Richard PORTER and Ann ABRAHAM, was born in 1780 in Rogate, Sussex.  She was baptised on 6 August 1780 in Rogate.  She died in 1824 in Chalton.  She was buried on 11 July 1824 in Chalton. Her father, Richard PORTER married Ann ABRAHAM on 26 January 1778 in Rogate, Sussex. Ann ABRAHAM, daughter of Anthony ABRAHAM and Mary [Unknown], was baptised on 28 November 1756 in Rogate.

Ann PORTER and William BUDDEN had the following children:

Anne BUDDEN (1803-1878)  [See “The descendants of John Adams and Anne Budden” below.]

William BUDDEN (1805-1885) was baptised on 24 February 1805 in Chalton.  He was a Shepherd.  He married Jane BOSWELL in 1831 in Cocking, Sussex.  He appeared in the census in 1841 in Chalton.  He married Elizabeth (Betsey) ADAMS on 22 August 1846 in Idsworth.  He appeared in the census in 1851 to 1881 in Idsworth.   He died in 1885.

Thomas BUDDEN (1808-1892) was baptised on 20 March 1808 in Chalton.  He died in 1892.

Mary BUDDEN (1812-1816) was baptised on 8 November 1812 in Chalton.  She was buried on 19 December 1816 in Chalton.

George BUDDEN (1815- ) was baptised on 8 October 1815 in Chalton.  He married Harriet Rachel BASTABLE on 11 December 1847 in Idsworth. He was in Stoughton in 1851 and 1861.

Sarah BUDDEN (1818- ) was baptised on 17 May 1818 in Chalton.

John BUDDEN (1821- ).   John was born in 1821 in Idsworth.  He married Harriet REED on 30 November 1844 in East Marden, Sussex.  On 30 March 1851 they were in Stoughton.  He married Mary WEAVER on 4 August 1866 in Idsworth.  In 1871, they were in Warblington, Hampshire.

The descendants of John Adams and Anne Budden

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Anne already had two children before she married John, father unknown.

William BUDDEN was baptised in Chalton on 11th May 1823 and Anne Adams BUDDEN was born in 1825 and baptised in Chalton on 20 July 1828. She was buried at the age of 6 on 15 May 1831 in Chalton.

John married Anne Budden on 27 October 1828 in Chalton, Hampshire.

On 6 June 1841, they were living at Woodham in Chalton.  On 30 March 1851 they were at Horndean, Blendworth with all their children, apart from Elizabeth. On 7 April 1861 they were living at Blendworth Lane, in Blendworth with John, Sarah, George and Henry. They had their grandson, Charles William, illegitimate son of Sarah, with them.  On 2nd April 1871 they were in Blendworth, with no address given. John, George and grandson Charles were in the household.

Ann died of paralysis on 25th January 1878 in Blendworth. The Informant was John Adams, husband, present at death. He made his mark.  She was buried on 30th January 1878 in Blendworth.

In 1881, John’s address was The Brewers’ Arms, Horndean Hill, Catherington, Hampshire.  John died of pulmonary congestion on 16th October 1885 in Catherington.  Mary Budden, niece, of Causeway Catherington, was informant and present at his death. He was buried on 19th October 1885 in Blendworth. Mary Budden’s father-in-law was John’s wife Ann’s brother.

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Ann and John ADAMS had the following children:

Elizabeth ADAMS (1829-1913) was baptised on the 25th October 1829 in Chalton.


Elizabeth’s First Marriage:

Elizabeth ADAMS married William CHEESEMAN, a brewer, on the 1st August 1850 in St Giles, Blendworth, Hampshire. The witnesses were William Budden, possibly her half brother, the illegitimate son of their mother Anne, and Harriett Cheeseman, possibly William’s sister.

William CHEESEMAN, oldest child of John CHEESMAN ( – ) and Martha TILL (1789- ), was baptised on the 20th April 1817 in Climping, West Sussex.

In 1841, he was in Climping, living with George and Mary Page, and described as an agricultural labourer.

St Mary at Clymping

He gives his residence on the marriage certificate in 1850 as Kingston. His widowed mother and his sister Harriet, were living in Aldingbourne in 1841, Harriet married in 1850 and was in Tangmere in 1851, his sister Jane was living in Dorking in 1841 and Richmond in 1851, his brother Benjamin was still in Climping in 1851, (he moved later  to Littlehampton) and his sister Amy was in Chichester in 1841 and in Yeading near Hayes, Middlesex by 1851 with her husband.

By the following spring, William had died and on the 30th March 1851 Elizabeth was living with her mother-in-law, Martha Cheeseman née Till, in Aldingbourne, West Sussex.   They were listed as laundresses.

She then married Charles REEDFrom Sussex to Arthur Street

Elizabeth’s siblings:



Maria ADAMS (1832-1832) was baptised on 8 February 1832 in Blendworth.  She was buried on 12 February 1832 in Blendworth.

Harriet ADAMS (1833- ) was baptised on 14 April 1833 in Blendworth.   She married George GROUT on 24 March 1856 in Blendworth. They had nine children. In 1861, they were living next door to her parents with their three children. In 1871, they were still next door to John and Ann and had six children with them. In 1881, they were living at Causeway in Catherington, with five children, next door but one from William and Mary Budden. Their daughter, who had married a soldier was there too, with her one year old son, Joseph Mondy. They were in Causeway in 1891 and 1901. George died in 1905.

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John ADAMS (1836-1886) was baptised on 28 December 1835 in Blendworth.  He lived at home until 1871 and I haven’t found him in 1881. He was a Gardener.  He was buried on 31 May 1886 in Horndean, Hampshire.

Sarah ADAMS (1839- ) was baptised on 29 July 1838 in Blendworth.  She was still at home until 1861.

George ADAMS (1842- ) was baptised on 15 August 1841 in Blendworth. He was a Labourer.  In 1881, he was at The Brewers’ Arms with his father. He appeared in the census in 1891 in Blendworth.  He appeared in the census in 1901 in Horndean. .

Henry ADAMS (1845- ) was baptised on 16 June 1844 in Blendworth. He married Mary Ann CLARKE on 16 July 1865 in Catherington.  He was a Market Gardener. They were living in Portsea from  2 April 1871 to 1891. in Portsea, Hampshire.  In 1901 they were in Botley, Hampshire.

“The Royal Standard”, Littlehampton

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From St Pancras, Chichester to St Pancras, London

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John Reed (1811-1884)

John Reed (1811-1884)

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Reeds of Chichester

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Frederick Reed ~ Hairdresser (1816-1896)

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Dawson “Foakett” (1753-1837)

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