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Butcher (and gentleman) of Bampton

Broad Street, Bampton, Oxfordshire © Copyright andrew auger and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

William Andrews, butcher (and gentleman), was the maternal great grandfather of Susan Gillett, future wife of Edwin Osborne Tompkins.

He was the son of Charles Andrews, of Eynsham, who was a collar maker, and Elizabeth Lawrence, who married in Stanton Harcourt on the 25th September 1766.

Charles was baptised in Eynsham on 1st January 1733. He may have been the son of Robert and Elizabeth Andrews – there are 6 children baptised in Eynsham at the right time, but only the first child has parents named in the IGI. Charles’s children have the same names as his putative brothers and sisters.

Charles died in 1803 and his will can be seen on  OFHS: Charles Andrews of Bampton. Elizabeth died in 1807.

Descendants of Charles and Elizabeth Andrews

William was christened on 10th June 1781 in Bampton, Oxfordshire.  He married Elizabeth Pullen by licence on 17th April 1800 in Eastleach Turville, Gloucestershire. On 6th June 1841 they were living in Queen Street, Bampton. He was a butcher. On 30th March 1851 they were living at Lavender Square in Bampton, when he was recorded as a gentleman.

From British History Online: A History of the County of Oxford: Volume 13 (1996) Another butcher, farmer, and landowner, William Andrews (d. 1856), later called himself gentleman, (footnote 72: D. & C. Exeter, MS. 2931; Bampton Hund. R. 28; cf. below, Chimney, econ. hist.).

William died in Bampton of apoplexy paralysis (2 years) and effusion (3 days) on the 6th June 1856. He left a very detailed will, which can also be seen on OFHS: William Andrews of Bampton.

He owned several properties, one of which, Wheatley Windmill, he left to his grandson James (son of William).

Jackson’s Oxford Journal carried an advertisement for the Selling or Letting of the Mill on Saturday, April 7, 1832. Probate was granted in November 1856 and the Cripps family bought it in 1857.  By 1861, James was a butcher in Paddington.

Elizabeth died intestate at the end of 1856 and her surviving son George was granted administration in 1857.

William and Elizabeth Andrews had the following children:

William W Andrews was christened on 19th May 1805 in Bampton. He married Sarah Kimber by licence on 27th October 1823 in Eastleach Martin, Gloucestershire. William appeared in the census in 1841 in Broadwell. The address was Filkins. Like his father, he was a butcher. He died in 1841.

Descendants of William Andrews

George Andrews was baptised on 22nd October 1809 in Bampton. He married Ann Walter (born 1793) on 2nd January 1833 in Stanton Harcourt, Oxfordshire. George was a Farmer of 340 acres employing 19 labourers in Stanton Harcourt. He appeared in the census on 7th April 1861 in Ensham, Witney. He married Jane Walter, spinster daughter of Thomas (victualler) on 31 March 1869 in Stanton Harcourt. The witnesses were George Walter and Bessie Walter. They appeared in the census on 2nd April 1871 in Stanton Harcourt. He was buried on 16th January 1873 in Stanton Harcourt.

Descendants of George Andrews

Joseph Andrews Joseph was christened in the 16th February 1812 in Bampton. He was also a butcher. He appeared in the census on 6th June 1841 in Bampton. He is not mentioned in his father’s will dated 1850, so presumably had died by then – there are the deaths of two Joseph Andrews recorded in Q3 1842.

Ann [Celia Elizabeth] Andrews (1814-1891). Ann was baptised Celia Anne Andrews on 30 May 1814 in Bampton. In her father’s will, she is referred to as Elizabeth Cecilia Ann.

Ann married George Gillett of Brize Norton: George and Ann Gillett.

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