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Frederick Reed ~ Hairdresser (1816-1896)

St Richard of Chichester ~ Chichester Cathedral

Second son of John REED and Ann FALKIT

Frederick REED, son of John REED and Ann FALKIT, was baptised on the 27th November 1816 in Chichester.

He married Harriett who was born in 1816 (approx.). She died in 1877 in Chichester.

Frederick was a hairdresser, and later a tobacconist. It looks as though he may have moved to London after his wife died, to work with his younger brother, Charles.

In 1841 and 1851, he was living in West Street and by 1861 he was in South Street (West side). In 1871 he was still in South Street.

In 1881, he was with his brother Charles in St Pancras (London). In 1891, he was in a lodging house in Islington described as a retired tobacconist and his death was registered in 1896 in that area of London.

Harriett and Frederick REED had the following children:

Frederick REED was born in 1844 in Chichester. He was a draper’s assistant, living in Chichester in 1871 and Plumstead in 1881.

Louisa REED was baptised on 19 April 1846 in Chichester. She married James Fuller GAMMON in June 1871 in Chichester. She died in 1886 in Guildford, Surrey. James Fuller GAMMON was born in 1842 in Petersfield, Hampshire. Following the death of Louisa, he married Laura Teresa [Unknown] in 1888 (calculated). In 1881, they were living at No 54 & 55 North Street in Guildford. He was a draper. He died in June 1916 in Guildford. James Gammon and Louisa REED had the following children:

i. Alice Louisa GAMMON was born in 1872 in Reigate, Surrey.
ii. Nellie GAMMON was born in 1873 in Petersfield, Hampshire. She married Unknown MCCONNELL in 1904 and they had the   following children:

Alice Freda MCCONNELL (1906- ) was born in 1906 in Bedford.
Kathleen MCCONNELL (1908- ) was born in 1908 in Bedford.

iii. Annie GAMMON (1874- ) was born in 1874 in Petersfield.
iv. Harold GAMMON (1876- ) was born in 1876 in Petersfield.
v. Alfred GAMMON (1877- ) was born in 1877 in Petersfield.
vi. Frederick J GAMMON (1879- ) was born in 1879 in Petersfield.
vii. Arthur GAMMON (1880- ) was born in 1880 in Guildford.
viii. William GAMMON (1882- ) was born in 1882 in Guildford.
ix.  Elsie GAMMON (1886- ) was born in June 1886 in Guildford.

Emma REED was born in 1848 in Chichester. She was baptised on 7 May 1848 in Chichester. She married Robert Joslin BURTON who was born in 1845 in Dunmow, Essex. Robert was a grocer. Robert and Emma REED had the following children:

i. Edith Emma BURTON was born in 1873.
ii. Clara Maud BURTON was born in 1878 in Plumstead, Kent.
iii. Nellie Reed BURTON was born in 1880 in Plumstead, Kent.
iv. Charles R BURTON was born in 1882 in Plumstead. He married Martha who was born in 1886 in Greenwich, Kent. Martha and Charles R BURTON had the following children:

Lily BURTON (1910- ).  Lily was born in 1910 in Plumstead.

v. Sydney W BURTON was born in 1885 in Plumstead, Kent.
vi. Lily Emily BURTON was born in 1890 in Plumstead, Kent.
vii. Elsie Alice BURTON was born in 1891 in Plumstead, Kent.

Ellen REED was baptised on 15 June 1851 in Chichester.

Charles REED was baptised on 20 June 1858 in Chichester. He was a hosier and hatter (Gents) living in Plumstead in 1901.

“The Royal Standard”, Littlehampton

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John Reed (1811-1884)

John Reed (1811-1884)

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Reeds of Chichester

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Dawson “Foakett” (1753-1837)

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Amy’s Maternal Roots

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