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From St Pancras, Chichester to St Pancras, London

Reed, Adams, Budden, Cheeseman, Folkit and variants.


Amy Elizabeth Reed married James Austin Lewcock, son of George and Lucy, in 1896.

Although her parents married in Hoxton and she was born in Pancras in London, Amy’s roots were mainly in Hampshire and Sussex.

Amy was the daughter of Charles Reed, tobacconist. On her father’s side, her great grandfather Dawson was a soldier in the 15th regiment of Light Dragoons, possibly born in Suffolk, and married a Yorkshire born girl in York. Her grandmother, Ann, was born in Norfolk where he was stationed and the family settled in Chichester when Dawson came out of the army.

Ann married John Reed, a tailor, in Chichester where Amy’s father, Charles was born. Amy’s mother Elizabeth’s family originated in West Sussex, west of Chichester. Her parents had settled just over the border in Hampshire where Elizabeth was born. Her first husband, William Cheesman, died of typhus six months after their marriage and is buried in Climping near Arundel where his family originated.

Her mother Elizabeth Adam’s family originated in West Sussex, west of Chichester. Elizabeth’s parents settled just over the border in Hampshire where she was born.

Amy’s parents ~ Charles Reed and Elizabeth Adams

Elizabeth married Charles Reed on the 31st May 1857 at Holy Trinity, Hoxton.  Her address was 51 Wenlock Street, his was 9 Witchampton Street. His occupation was warehouseman. The witnesses were Henry Barton and Sarah Adams (Elizabeth’s sister?).

Charles REED was the son of John REED (1784-1846) and Ann FALKIT (1784-1856) and was born in 1833 in Chichester, Sussex.  He was baptised on the 7th January 1834 at St Peter the Great in Chichester.

He appeared in the census on 6th June 1841 living in West Street, Chichester. His father, a tailor, died in 1846. On the 30 March 1851, Charles was living in North Street, Chichester with his widowed mother. He was working then as a grocer’s assistant. His mother died in July 1856 and presumably he left for London soon after she died.

Whether they met in Middlesex or locally in Sussex, Aldingbourne being only about five miles east of Chichester, or through Cheesman family connections, is of course a matter of conjecture.  NOTE: Probably not relevant, but the registrar who registered the death of John Reed in Chichester was a James Cheesman. He was living in St Martin Street, Chichester in 1841.

When their oldest child, Charles, was born they were living in Cripplegate. By the time Annie Louisa was born, the family had moved from Cripplegate to 9 Arthur Street, where they stayed at least until April 1891. All the children were then baptised at Holy Trinity, Greys Inn Road.

Until Harry’s baptism in 1867, Charles’s occupation was given as a warehouseman, after this he described himself at the children’s baptisms as a cigar merchant. In the 1861 census, he was described as a warehouseman (Cigar warehouse) in 1871 he was a licensed victualler tobacconist and in 1881 he was described as a tobacconist. Charles was made bankrupt in December 1883.

Charles died at home in Arthur Street on the 30th December, aged 56, of chronic bronchitis (2 years) and heart failure. Charles Frederick, who was living at 61 Stanley Buildings, Pancras Road, reported the death the following day. His will was probated on the 9th January. Elizabeth was his sole executrix and his estate was  £292 5s.

Elizabeth was living on her own means, still in Arthur Street, on 5 April 1891. Her unmarried children were living there as were her sister-in-law, Eliza Reed and her six year old granddaughter Adela (daughter of Frederick and Alice). She must have kept in touch with her first husband’s sister, Jane, who was staying with Elizabeth’s daughter Annie in Hammersmith.

On 31 March 1901 she was staying with her daughter, Annie Louisa Woods, at 15 Lime Grove, Shepherd’s Bush, Hammersmith, Middlesex. In 1911 she was with her daughter Amy, James Lewcock and their children Edna and Francis at 48 Stanhope Gardens, Haringey.

Elizabeth died aged 83, at 119 Tower Gardens Road, Lordship Lane, Tottenham, of a rupture of a blood vessel in the lung, tuberculosis, natural causes, on the 8th April.  Presumably she died suddenly, as there was a was a post mortem, an inquest was held on the 10th April 1913 and the certificate was received from SMM Forbes, Coroner for East Middlesex.


Charles and Elizabeth had the following children:

Charles Frederick REED was born on 5 November 1859 and was baptised on 4 December 1859 in Cripplegate. He was a Coppersmith.  He married Charlotte WRIGHT on 4 October 1878 in Camden Town, London. Witnesses were Annie Louisa Reed, George Salome.  Charlotte WRIGHT was born in 1857 in Burnett, Hertfordshire.  Charlotte and Charles Frederick REED had the following children:

i. Charles Frederick REED (1879- )
ii. Percy REED (1885- )
Annie Louisa REED was born on 27 October 1861 and was baptised on 8 December 1861 in Camden. She married James Daniel WOODS on 4 June 1881 in St Pancras, Middlesex. Witnesses: Charles Reed, Bertha Riches.  James Daniel WOODS was born in 1859 in St Ives, Huntingdonshire. He and Annie Louisa REED had the following children:
i. David Henry Middleton WOODS (1883- ) He married Blanche Ruth E HARBERT in 1906 in Hendon, Middlesex.  Blanche Ruth E HARBERT was born in 1880 in St Pancras, Middlesex.
ii. Frank Middleton WOODS (1887- ) was born in 1887 in Shepherd’s Bush, Hammersmith, Middlesex.  He married Iris Sylvia Walsh ROBINSON on 4 April 1916 in Wandsworth. DHM Woods was a witness.
iii. Edward James Middleton WOODS (1889- ). Edward was born on 27 December 1889 in Hammersmith, London. He was baptised on 23 February 1890 in Camden.

Frederick John REED  was born on 21 September 1863 in St Pancras. He was baptised on 18 October 1863 in Camden. Father: warehouseman. He was a Hackney carriage driver in1901. He married Alice Matilda CHORLEY on 23 December 1883 in St Pancras, London.  Alice Matilda CHORLEY was born in 1865 in Holborn, London. They lived at Little Albany 8 Street. She and Frederick John REED had the following children:

i. Adela Alice REED was baptised on 15 April 1898 in Camden.  She married Arthur CLIFFE in 1909 in St Pancras. Arthur CLIFFE was born in 1883 in St Pancras. He and Adela Alice REED had the following children:
Olive A CLIFFE (1910-2003)
ii. Raleigh Frederick Charles REED, was baptised on 15 April 1898 in Camden. He married Catherine ROBINS in Pancras in 1914. Catherine ROBINS and Raleigh Frederick Charles REED had the following children:
Gladys C REED (1914- ) was born in 1914 in West Ham, Essex.
Frederick REED (1919- )
Ernest REED (1921- ) was born in 1921 in West Ham.
William REED (1923- ) was born in 1923.
Edna Reed (1928- ) was born in 1928.
iii. Amy Elizabeth REED (1891- ) was baptised on 23 February 1898 in Camden.
iv. Frederick Charles REED (1892-1892) was born and died in 1892 in Islington, Middlesex.
v. Albert Fred REED (1902- ) was born on 28 July 1902 and was baptised on 26 April 1903 in Camden.

Harry William REED was born on 29 December 1866 and was baptised on 3 February 1867 in Camden.  He was a Tennis marker; wholesale haberdasher.  He married Annie FRIER in June 1891 in Birmingham, Warwickshire. Annie FRIER was born in 1859 in Inkberrow, Worcestershire.  She and Harry William REED had the following children:

i. Henry William B REED (1894- ) was born in 1894 in Kings Norton, Worcestershire.
ii. Elsie M P REED (1904- ) was born in 1904.

Amy Elizabeth REED was born on 23 January 1871 and was baptised on 19 February 1871 in Camden. Father: Cigar merchant. She was a music teacher. She married James Austin Lewcock on 12 October 1896 in St Pancras. The witnesses were Elizabeth Huggett?, Lucy Lewcock and Frances George Saunders. She died on 17th May 1935 in Leeds, Yorkshire West Riding.  James Austin Lewcock, son of George Albert Lewcock  and Lucy Usher was born on 27th September 1866 in Islington. James died on 28 March 1946 in Leeds.

James and Amy Elizabeth Lewcock had the following children:

i. Francis James Lewcock (1897-1949) was born on 17 July 1897 in Pancras.  Francis married Alice Mary Bradley by Licence on 9 October 1920 in Islington, London. Witnesses: J A Lewcock, Edna C Lewcock, N Bradley, D C Bradley. He died on 6 January 1949 in New Malden, Surrey.  Alice Mary Bradley, daughter of William Eli Bradley  and Catherine Gray Simpson, was born on 10th February 1900 in Walthamstow, Essex.  She died on 2 August 1993 in Hove, Sussex.  She and Francis James Lewcock 5 children:
James “Alan” Murray LEWCOCK (1921-2018 ), Peter Frank LEWCOCK (1922-1944), 2 more sons and a daughter

ii. Edna Constance LEWCOCK (1901- ) was born in 1901 in Edmonton, Middlesex. Edna married Brian YOUATT Q3 1922 in Liverpool, Lancashire. Brian YOUATT was born in 1898.  He died in 1983.  He and Edna Constance LEWCOCK had 3 children


Arthur Raleigh REED was born on 19 March 1873 and was baptised on 13 April 1873 in Camden.  In 1901 he was a commercial traveller. He married Minnie Selina USHER on 24 June 1893 in Camden. Witnesses: Amy Elizabeth Reed, Ellen Smith.  Minnie Selina USHER, daughter of John USHER (1847-bef1891) and Selina HAYHURST (1851- ), was born in 1872 in Holborn.  She and Arthur Raleigh REED had the following children:

i. Gladys REED (1895- ).   Gladys was born in 1895 in St Pancras.
ii. Arthur REED (1898- ).   Arthur was born in 1898 in St Pancras.
iii. Elsie REED (1900- ).   Elsie was born in 1900 in Islington.

“The Royal Standard”, Littlehampton

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John Reed (1811-1884)

John Reed (1811-1884)

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Reeds of Chichester

Amy's paternal great grandfather, John Reed, was born c1762. He married Mary Wilson by licence on the 27th July 1783 at St Andrew, Chichester, Sussex. The Deanery of Chichester Marriage Licence from 24 July 1783 states that John had been resident in the parish for...

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Frederick Reed ~ Hairdresser (1816-1896)

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Dawson “Foakett” (1753-1837)

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Amy’s Maternal Roots

Amy’s mother, Elizabeth Adams, was the daughter of John Adams (1800-1885) and Anne Budden (1803-1878).Elizabeth was baptised on the 25th October 1829 in Chalton where her family was living in 1841, but her place of birth is given as Horndean in 1851, Blendworth in...

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