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Hambidge Wills

Hopefully, some or all of these wills from Documents Online will give enough clues to establish Robert and Anne’s parents and perhaps any relationship too:


Will of Thomas Hambidge, Yeoman of Icomb , Gloucestershire    06 August 1810 PROB 11/1514 Purchased 17th August 2009

Will of William Hambidge, Gentleman of Icomb , Gloucestershire    21 January 1856    PROB 11/2225 Purchased 17th August 2009

Will of George Hambidge, Farmer of Iccomb , Gloucestershire    12 May 1852    PROB 11/2153 Purchased 17th August 2009

Will of George Hamage or Hambidge, Yeoman of Icombe, Worcestershire    14 June 1704    PROB 11/476 Purchased 17th August 2009


Will of Thomas Hambidge, Yeoman of Gawcomb , Gloucestershire    23 November 1810    PROB 11/1516

Will of William Hambidge, Farmer of Westcott , Gloucestershire    09 January 1846    PROB 11/2029 Purchased 17th August 2009

Will of Richard Hambidge of Leachlade , Gloucestershire    22 April 1851    PROB 11/2130

Will of Charles Hambidge, Gentleman of Fifield , Oxfordshire    24 December 1823    PROB 11/1679

Residents of Melbourne

  Only one of George and Marjorie's ten children married, their youngest, Ernest Graham. He followed a very different path altogether to his older siblings. Laurence, the fourth son died soon after birth. Charles John, the fifth son, stayed on the farm in...

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William Godfree of Kaanlang

  William, the youngest son, was left the same sum of money as his brother George and by 1861, was farming in Fifield, Oxfordshire where he was still in 1881. He appears several times in the advertisements section of the Jackson's Oxford Journal selling wood at...

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