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John Tompkins, grandfather of Molly and Leigh de Fraine

John’s first wife, Sarah Jane Godfree, was baptised on 20 May 1829 in Great Rissington. In 1841, she was with her grandparents George and Mary Godfree and in 1851, she was with her maternal aunt, Jane Smith, in Bourton on the Water. She married John Tompkins of Oddington, Oxfordshire on 28th December 1853 in Great Rissington on the same day as Rebecca her older sister. John was the nephew of George Osborn, Sarah’s brother-in-law, husband of her oldest sister, Elizabeth. It is not clear from the image, but he may have been lodging in Stow on the Wold in 1851. In 1861, they were in Horsendon at Manor Farm and Emma was staying with them. Sarah had already had five children by then.

John’s second wife, Emma Gillett née Godfree, was the younger sister of his first wife Sarah. She was was born in 1838 in Great Rissington. In 1861, she was in Horsenden with Sarah Jane and John Tompkins. She married John Gillett, a widower with a small daughter, Susan aged 1 year old,  on 25 May 1864 in Great Rissington. In 1871, they were in Oddington, Gloucestershire where he was described as a retired farmer. He died of general dropsy, 3 months certified, on 12 December 1871 in Oddington. See also The Gillett Spoons.In 1871, Sarah was staying in Burford with the Strattons. The rest of the family were in Ivinghoe at Town Farm. The household included Fanny Osborne, cousin, from Lewisham in Kent. She was the daughter of John’s mother’s youngest brother William who was a silk merchant.Sarah died of apoplexy the following year, on 7th January, leaving nine children.aged from 3 to 18 years old. Their son, Robert George, had died when he was a year old in 1862.

Emma  married John Tompkins by Licence on 18th September 1873 in St Saviour’s Church, Paddington. The witnesses were Thomas Smith and Elizabeth Betts.

In 1881, Emma and John were at Aveley Hall, Aveley in Essex, where they stayed until John died on on 4th January 1907. Emma died on on 23 February 1910 and they were both buried at St Michael Aveley, with their three little sons. They had two daughters, Kate Isobel and Alice Florence, known as Flossie. Kate married a widower, Herbert Manning, a farmer, and they had four daughters and twin sons, one of whom did not survive. Floss did not marry.

Ancestors of John Tompkins

Descendants of John Tompkins

The Godfree Daughters

William Godfree of Kaanlang

  William, the youngest son, was left the same sum of money as his brother George and by 1861, was farming in Fifield, Oxfordshire where he was still in 1881. He appears several times in the advertisements section of the Jackson's Oxford Journal selling wood at...

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John Tompkins of Oddington

John Tompkins, great x2 grandfather of Molly Tompkins, presumably married Mary, but we have yet to find the marriage. In 1791 they had their first son, William, at Swanborne in north Buckinghamshire. The following year they had a daughter called Anne and in 1794,...

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John Tompkins “of Ambrosden”

  Until we find the marriage of John and Mary, the following is conjecture, but 90% likely! His age as given at burial would fit the John Tompkins who was born in Arncott (in Bucks) or Blackthorne (across the River Ray in Oxfordshire) in 1763 and was baptised on...

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Auctioneer of Reading

Robert Tompkins, a resident of Reading, Berkshire, was the second son of Robert Tompkins and Ann Osborn and seemed to have  led an interesting life. While browsing through some 19th Century newspapers recently, looking for a different surname entirely, I vaguely...

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The de Fraine, Tompkins and Gillett families often sent both their sons and daughters away from home for a few years of education, and I have several times spotted familiar surnames on lists of pupils, which when I have tracked them through other census returns and through birth registrations have turned out to be related to the name I was originally looking for.

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