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John Tompkins of Oddington

Swanbourne Church

John Tompkins, great x2 grandfather of Molly Tompkins, presumably married Mary, but we have yet to find the marriage.

In 1791 they had their first son, William, at Swanborne in north Buckinghamshire. The following year they had a daughter called Anne and in 1794, still at Swanborne, a second daughter, called Elizabeth.

On 1 December 1794 John (“John Tomkyns, Yeoman”) obtained a 21 year counterpart of lease of a farmhouse, 16 cottages and 345 acres of land at Oddington from John Sawyer Esq. of Heywood Lodge in Berkshire for £492 per annum.

In 1797 John and Mary had their second son, Robert. John and Mary had their fifth and last child, also called Mary, in 1800, both baptised in Oddington Oxfordshire. She was baptised on 13 January 1800. However, their daughter died in 1801 and was buried on 19 November that year.

On 29 August 1815 the farm lease was renewed with John Sawyer of Heyward Lodge, Berkshire for 2 years. It was then described as a farmhouse with 330 acres, 3 roods and 16 perches at a consideration of £660 per annum. The lease (presumably?) lapsed in 1817 when John was 54.

John’s wife, Mary Tompkins died in 1826 aged 64 and was buried on 21 June at Oddington. John Tompkins “of Ambrosden” died in 1832 at the age of 69 and was buried in Oddington. John was survived by his sons William and Robert, his daughters Anne and Elizabeth and many grandsons and granddaughters.

Oddington Church

Manor Lodge Farm, Oddington

John’s first son William married Sarah Lambourn on 26 May 1817 when they were both aged 26 at Charlton on Otmoor Church. The witnesses were Mary Tompkins and Christopher and Elizabeth Lambourn. In 1818 John’s first grandson, called William, was born in Quainton in Bucks. Also in Quainton, between then and 1824, Sarah bore two more sons (John Ditom and Christopher Lambourn) and three daughters (Mary, Elizabeth and Sarah Ayres). In 1828 whilst in Holton, Oxfordshire, Sarah bore William a third daughter (Maria). In 1830, still at Holton, William’s wife Sarah bore a fourth and final son, Robert A.

Descendants of William and Sarah Tompkins

Merton Church

Grange Farm, Sydenham

William died in 1874 aged, 83. He is recorded on the 1841 census as a farmer, living in Brill (Little London Farm) , then at Islip (Middle Road) in 1851, 1861 and 1871. He died at Islip and was buried at Charlton on Otmoor (where he was married 57 years before!) on 14 May 1874. (His wife, Sarah died in 1867 at Islip).  William Jnr. became an innkeeper in Charlton on Otmoor,  had two children and is buried with his wife Ursula in Charlton churchyard. John Ditom became a farmer and “dealer”, married Betsey, had 11 children and died In 1873. Elizabeth married Mr (!) Williams and had a daughter Elizabeth. In 1871 she was living with her Aunt Ann Gibbs and Uncle Robert Tompkins at South Hill Cottages, Headington. Robert became a farmer in Brill, married Martha, had two children and is last found in the 1901 Census aged 71 at Brill.

John’s second son Robert “a farmer” (by then aged 32) married Anne Osborn of Hethe at Merton Church on 29 November 1829.

Robert and Anne’s first son, also known as John, was born 8 April 1830 at Oddington and baptised on 31 July 1831. [He would have two wives and 15 children (maybe more) and live to 1907. His first child, born in 1854 at Princes Risborough, was also called John]. See John Tompkins.

Robert and Ann had a further three sons (Robert 1834 [Auctioneer of Reading], Edwin 1836, James George 1840) and possibly one daughter (Elizabeth 1844). Robert is recorded as following in the censuses 1841 Census, Spa Farm, Dorton (farmer). 1851 Census, Grange Farm, Sydenham (farmer).

Ann died in 1854 at Grange Farm. Robert is then found in the 1861 Census at Charlton on Otmoor and the 1871 Census at South Hill Cottages, Headington with his elder sister Ann Gibbs. Robert died between October and December 1871.

John’s daughter Elizabeth died in 1866 aged 72, 34 years after her father. She had married John Lipscomb on 5 October 1837 at Stanton St John when she was 43 and he was 46. John Lipscomb is described as a farmer on the 1841 census and died in 1850. Elizabeth is recorded on the 1841 census at Oddington and then in 1851 and 1861 at Church Lane, Headington with her sister Ann. John and Elizabeth had a daughter, Elizabeth Mary Lipscomb, born in 1837. She may feature on the 1841 census at Oddington aged 4

Ann survived William her older brother by 3 years, dying in 1877 at 85. Ann “Thomkins” married, aged 41, Richard Gibbs aged 42 (born in Stanton St John) on 30 January 1833 at Ambrosden. Richard already had a son called John Gibbs born in 1827 who appears in the 1841 census in Headington at 14 but not thereafter. Richard is recorded as a poulterer in Headington and may have died in 1866.

Ann is recorded in the 1851 and 1861 censuses as being in Church Lane, Headington. She is in the 1871 census as a retired poulterer living at 3 South Hill Cottages, Headington and died in 1877. Ann and Richard had their own son, William Gibbs, who was born in 1836 in Cuddesdon, Oxfordshire, baptised in Forest Hill in April 1836 and later is recorded as a poulterer in Headington. No. 4 (Church Hill Farm).

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The de Fraine, Tompkins and Gillett families often sent both their sons and daughters away from home for a few years of education, and I have several times spotted familiar surnames on lists of pupils, which when I have tracked them through other census returns and through birth registrations have turned out to be related to the name I was originally looking for.

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