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Last Wills and Testaments

The following is a list of the wills, or abstracts, acquired by me during my research. I have copies of them all and one day, I hope to put up my own transcriptions of all of them on this site. The majority of them were downloaded from The National Archives: Documents Online. Others have been obtained through the relevant County Record Offices. There are yet more to be purchased!


Name of testator

Date of Probate


Charles Andrews of Bampton (Abstract of Will) 18th April 1803
Charles Andrews collar maker of Bampton 18th April 1803 OFHS: Charles ANDREWS of Bampton
William Andrews Gentleman of Bampton 14th November 1856 OFHS: William ANDREWS of Bampton
George Baylis of Great Barrington 25th February 1790
Thomas Baylis of Great Rissington 26 April 1814
George Bryan of Northmoor 14th September 1780
George Bryan of Lower Slaughter 3rd December 1800
Luke de Fraine gardener of Aylesbury 20th June 1848
Mary Elkins widow of Farnham 19th November 1839 SRY0240
Charles Elkins gunsmith of Farnham October 1792 SRY0239
Charles Gillett of Shilton 3rd May 1837
Elizabeth Gillett widow of Witney (Abstract of Will) 24th February 1803
James Gillett of Brize Norton 4th January 1825
John Gillett of Brize Norton 29th January 1856
John Gillett of Shilton 15th February 1821
John Gillett of Shilton 27th April 1857
Mary Gillett widow of Stokenchurch 5th June 1857 Mary Gillett née Bye ~ 1857
Thomas Gillett of Marsh Haddon 20 June 1794
William Gillett of Southleigh 16 July 1856
George Godfree of Great Rissington 1847
George Godfree of Great Rissington 9th January 1851
George Hambidge of Iccomb 12th May 1852
George Hambidge of Iccomb 14th June 1704
Thomas Hambidge of Iccomb 6th August 1810
William Hambidge of Iccomb 21st January 1856
William Hambidge of Westcote 9th January 1846
Joseph Hart coachman of Farnham 10th November 1831 SRY0244
Samuel Lewcock baker of Farnham 24th January 1837 Samuel Lewcock ~ 1837
Samuel Lewcock miller of Odiham (Abstract of Will) August 10 1810
Thomas Lewcock of North Warnborough 23rd January 1834
John Tapping of Owlswick 20th January 1654
Thomas Tapping of Great Kimble (Abstract of Will) 2nd May 1804
William Tapping of Stoke Mandeville 14th May 1853
John Tompkins of Aveley
John Turner draper of Aylesbury 08 August 1823
Thomas Wright the Elder of Witney (Abstract of Will) January 28 1809

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Samuel Lewcock ~ 1837

  This is the last Will and Testament of me Samuel Lewcock of Farnham in the County of Surrey Baker whereby I dispose of such Temporal Estate as I am blessed withal in manner following that is to say/All and singular my Messauges Buildings Lands...

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George Godfree of Broad Rissington ~ 1841

  I George Godfree of Broad Rissington in the county of Gloucestershire Farmer do herby revoke all wills and testamentary depositions by me heretofore made and do make and publish this only for my last will I direct my debts funeral and testamentary...

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George Godfree the Elder of Great Rissington 1851

  Will of George Godfree ~ proved January 1851 I George Godfree the Elder of Great Rissington in the County of Gloucestershire Farmer do hereby revoke all Wills and Testamentary dispositions by me before made and make this only for my last Will. I...

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Mary Gillett née Bye ~ 1857

  This is the last will and testament of me Mary Gillett of Chequors farm in the parish of Stokenchurch in the County of Oxford I direct my Executors hereinafter named to pay all my just debts and funeral and testamentary expenses as soon as may be...

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Will of John Tompkins of Aveley Hall

  Will of John Tompkins of Aveley Hall I John Tompkins of Aveley Hall in the county of Essex Farmer hereby revoke all will and testamentary dispositions heretofore made by me and declare this to be my last Will I appoint my son Edwin Osborn Tompkins...

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Hambidge Wills

  Hopefully, some or all of these wills from Documents Online will give enough clues to establish Robert and Anne's parents and perhaps any relationship too: Robert: Will of Thomas Hambidge, Yeoman of Icomb , Gloucestershire    06 August 1810 PROB...

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