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Reeds of Chichester

St Andrew’s Oxmarket, Chichester

Amy’s paternal great grandfather, John Reed, was born c1762. He married Mary Wilson by licence on the 27th July 1783 at St Andrew, Chichester, Sussex.

The Deanery of Chichester Marriage Licence from 24 July 1783 states that John had been resident in the parish for several months and Mary for several years. Their ages were both given as 21 years. The sponsors were “JR & Samuel W of Chich, cutler” John’s occupation was given as a plumber and glazier.

John was buried on the 4th October 1799 at St Andrew, Chichester, Sussex.

John and Mary had the following children:

John Reed was baptised on the 17th November 1784 at St Andrew, Chichester, Sussex

Sarah  was baptised 23rd May 1788 at Saint Andrew, Chichester, Sussex.

James was baptised 6th April 1790 at St Andrew, Chichester, Sussex. He married Sarah Smith on the 2nd March 1813 at St Peter the Great, Chichester, Sussex. They had a son, Charles Reed who was born in 1816. He married Rhoda Johnson on the 18th July 1839 at St Martin, Chichester, Sussex. He died in 1842 in Chichester, Sussex.

Harriet  was baptised on the 8th June 1792 at St Andrew, Chichester, Sussex. She married William Cade. They had a daughter, Kate.

Charles was baptised on the 18h April 1794 at Saint Andrew, Chichester, Sussex. He married Ann Greenfield on the 28th September 1818 at Saint Peter the Great or Subdeanery of Chichester. They had a son, Edwin Charles, who was baptised on the 2nd February 1819, Chichester, Sussex when they were living in Tower Street at Greenpiers.

Mary  was baptised 27th January 1797, St Andrew, Chichester, Sussex.

Tailor’s Workshop van Brekelenkam c1660 Wikimedia Commons

John Reed (1784-1846)

Oldest son of John Reed and Mary Wilson and Amy’s paternal grandfather.
He married Ann Falkitt on 16 June 1810 at St Pancras, Chichester, Sussex. Ann was the eldest child of Dawson “Foakett” and Mary Atkinson.

John died of pulmonary consumption, certified, on 2nd October 1846 in Chichester and was buried on 6th October 1846 at St Peter’s in Chichester, Sussex. John was a journeyman tailor. He was living in West Street when he died.

Ann died of apoplexy paralysis, certified, and a second attack of apoplexy on 29th July 1856 in Chichester. Frederick Reed, her son, was present at the death. Ann was buried on 3rd August 1856 in St Bartholomew, Chichester, Sussex. She was a monthly nurse living in Westgate when she died.

Ann and John Reed had the following children:

John Reed ~ Tailor (1811-1884) was born in 1811 in Chichester, Sussex. 

Mary Reed (1813- )

Emma Reed (1815-1835)

Westgate, Chichester

Frederick Reed ~ Hairdresser (1816-1896)

Eliza Reed was baptised on 6th January 1819 in Chichester.

Julia Reed was baptised on 6th December 1820 in Chichester. Julia had a  baseborn child, William Cooper Reed, who was baptised on 31 January 1851.

Louisa Reed was baptised on 2nd March 1825 in Chichester. Louisa was a milliner. She was in Chichester in 1851 and then appears in 1881 living at Brooks Cottage in Westbourne, Sussex on the same page as her older sister Eliza.

Ann Reed was baptised on 8th December 1829 in Chichester.

William Reed (1823-1825)

Charles Reed (1833-1889) married Elizabeth Adams. They were the parents of Amy Elizabeth Reed.



“The Royal Standard”, Littlehampton

I have been trying to find out whether the Reed/Adams connection may have been earlier than Elizabeth’s marriage to Charles Reed. Both surnames are fairly common in their areas of Hampshire/West Sussex, but they may not even have met until they were both in London and...

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From St Pancras, Chichester to St Pancras, London

Reed, Adams, Budden, Cheeseman, Folkit and variants.   Amy Elizabeth Reed married James Austin Lewcock, son of George and Lucy, in 1896. Although her parents married in Hoxton and she was born in Pancras in London, Amy’s roots were mainly in Hampshire and Sussex....

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John Reed (1811-1884)

John Reed (1811-1884)

Oldest child of John Reed and Ann FalkitJohn Reed was born in 1811 in Chichester, Sussex. He married Frances IFIELD on 1 January 1843 in Chichester. Frances, daughter of Charles IFIELD, was born in 1813 in Chichester. She died in 1867 in Chichester. John died in the...

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Frederick Reed ~ Hairdresser (1816-1896)

Second son of John REED and Ann FALKITFrederick REED, son of John REED and Ann FALKIT, was baptised on the 27th November 1816 in Chichester.He married Harriett who was born in 1816 (approx.). She died in 1877 in Chichester.Frederick was a hairdresser, and later a...

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Dawson “Foakett” (1753-1837)

Amy’s paternal great grandfather This surname is very difficult to research. I have kept the spelling of names as given in the parish registers and other sources.  According to his age at his death, Dawson was born in 1753. He married Mary Atkinson on 8th October 1783...

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Amy’s Maternal Roots

Amy’s mother, Elizabeth Adams, was the daughter of John Adams (1800-1885) and Anne Budden (1803-1878).Elizabeth was baptised on the 25th October 1829 in Chalton where her family was living in 1841, but her place of birth is given as Horndean in 1851, Blendworth in...

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