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The Bradley Diamond Wedding 1952

We do not know who most of the people are in this picture of the guests at their Diamond Wedding Anniversary celebration in 1952.

Were Catherine’s Simpson siblings or her Whitehill cousins there? Perhaps William’s siblings were guests.

1. Irene Lewcock née Harrison
2. Lesley Lewcock
3. Nicholas Bradley
4. Alma Bradley née Neave
5. Violet Bradley
10. Alice Lewcock née Bradley
12. Dawn Lewcock née de Fraine
13. Caroline Lewcock
14. Catherine Bradley née Simpson
15. William Eli Bradley
16. Robert Bradley
30. Betty Lewcock née Rich

47. Derek Coles
48. Alan Lewcock
49. John Lewcock
51. Frank Bradley

I’m very glad I went … now for the next time!

I’m very glad I went … now for the next time!

As the exhibition hall wasn't going to open until 9.45 I had worked out that either I needed to go at sparrow's crack, get a lift to the station, brave the rush hour and be able to get to a 9 a.m. session or leave later and have to pay for a taxi. Early start won....

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My first genealogical conference

My first genealogical conference

Generally the hobby of genealogy can be rather solitary and you spend much of your time hunting down dead people and the live people you meet up with are cyber acquaintances with strange usernames. Apart from a small local family history fair and a U3A talk in the...

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Surprise match

Surprise match

Since ThruLines appeared, a small group of descendants of James Budden and Mary Littlefield, my great x5 grandparents, has been building up. The Buddens are a West Sussex family and if I have the right marriage, Mary is from Hambledon just over the border into...

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Genetic memories …. or just coincidence?

Genetic memories …. or just coincidence?

The picture above is taken looking west from fields in Yapton. The spire in the distance is Chichester Cathedral and if you stand in exactly the right place the spire can be seen on a clear day. It is about 12 miles as the crow flies. At least one of my ancestors must...

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DNA and other musings

DNA and other musings

Ever since I first started my website in 2006, I had intended to include a sort of blog. Setting up the site while researching my family history, getting involved with FamilyTreeForum, relocating from Belgium to West Sussex and the incredibly fast moving world of...

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Am I a name collector?

Am I a name collector?

It's my tree and that is how I like it. The other day I saw somebody commenting that they would never bother to even look at a tree with fewer than 2000 people. This was in a Facebook group where the central theme was DNA. Others won't look at a tree with high numbers...

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AncestryDNA changes

In March (2019), things began to go awry on the Ancestry site to the accompaniment of much wailing and gnashing of teeth on social media as new features appeared and disappeared, worked and then stopped working on some browsers. A good sign that we are about to gain...

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Test the siblings if you can.

The world of DNA testing for genealogy has been moving rapidly and I have been trying to keep up! Strong marketing by Ancestry with regular reductions in the cost of tests means that they now have over 14 million kits so I am gradually adding to my list of matches. It...

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First thoughts and experience ( or lack of ….) with DNA

First thoughts and experience ( or lack of ….) with DNA

In October 2015 I finally decided to see what an Ancestry DNA test might show. I had vaguely started a one name study of my maiden name as we have been trying to join all the isolated pockets of the name together. I had a little luck and identified a match who from...

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Magazine Articles

The Family Tree Forum Online Magazine was written and put together by the members of The Family Tree Forum. As one of the editors, I was able to twist some arms and  the following articles were originally written for the Family Tree Forum Online Magazine. A wide...

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Surname Research ~ Lewcock

  The intention has always been to see how and if the pockets of Lewcocks in Suffolk, Cornwall, Kent, Cumberland, Yorkshire, Surrey, Middlesex and Hampshire are connected to each other and where those in Australia, India and the USA fit in. There are many...

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The Bradleys of Shropshire

  Bradley is far from an unusual surname and tracing them has been difficult, especially when births and marriages cannot be found!! This research follows the line back through certificates, census returns and parish registers. Neville Lewcock, grandson of...

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Farnham families

When I first started my research into the Lewcocks, the furthest back I could get was to the marriage of Samuel Lewcock to Sarah Taphouse in Farnham, Surrey on the IGI. Since then I have uncovered more.... If it were not for the discovery of Barbara Hare's unmarried...

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de Fraines of Buckinghamshire

From Woburn to Chesham via Aylesbury.Farmers, printers, publishers and hairdressers. I take no credit for the bulk of the early de Fraine research. Several de Fraines will have in their possession a paper tree which was drawn up pre-internet by Phyllis de Fraine from...

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Godfrees of Great Rissington

Godfrees of Great Rissington

The Church of St. John the Baptist , Great Rissington.The first set of gates are the entrance to Manor Farm.© Copyright David Luther Thomas and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence. The Godfree, Hambidge, Cambray and Baylis families intertwined with...

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Gilletts of the Cotswolds

Susan Gillett was the mother of Molly de Fraine née Tompkins.Both of Susan Gillett’s parents were Gilletts. Her father, John, was the son of Richard and Ann Gillett and her mother, Susanna, was the daughter of George Gillett and Ann Andrews. John and Susanna were...

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Kathleen Mary “Molly” Tompkins

Kathleen Mary “Molly” Tompkins

From Buckinghamshire to Essex via Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire.The Tompkins were tenant farmers in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Essex.The Gilletts and Godfrees and Baylis families were farming in Gloucestershire.Kathleen Mary “Molly” Tompkins (left), was the...

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