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The Missing Link

For some time now, researchers have been trying to find out whether there is any connection between the LUCOCKs of Pyrford and the LEWCOCKs of Farnham.

I am not sure if I have contacted you previously on the following subject. For some years I have been trying to reconcile ‘your’ LEWCOCKS from Farnham and ‘my’ LUCOCKS from Ash/Pirbright/Pyrford.
A more detailed check of the wills of George LUCOCK senior a yeoman of Pyrford 1794 (proved 1802) and that of his son George 1822 of Woodham Chertsey (proved 1832) seems to provide the answer.
1. George senior (1794)
‘To my dear wife Jane Lucock…All that my freehold messuage….etc….situate lying and being in the town of Farnham in the said county of Surrey in the tenure or occupation of Richard Gatrumb(?)’
Upon the death of Jane Lucock ‘then I give and devise my said messuage or tenement …etc…lying and being in the town of Farnham aforesaid unto my eldest son George Lucock and his heirs and assigns forever’
2. George junior (1822)
‘Give devise and bequeath unto Henry Berryman, John Nightingale, William Chitty said executors and trustees. All that my £560 lying in mortgage on my cousin Samuel Lucocks estate situate at Farnham and all interest now due in trust for the said Executors and trustees to call in and possess themselves as soon as possible after my decease…..’
3. The Surrey Poll Book 1775 confirms that George LEWCOCK held freehold land at Pyrford and Farnham.
This seems to confirm that ‘my’ George (senior) had a brother Richard who lived at Odiham. Then I am afraid the track goes cold again – who were their parents I wonder? [Brian Marlow]

A fortuitous discovery on Origins in the Surrey & South London Will Abstracts  1470-1856 may have provided us with the missing link!!

Samuel Hare of Farnham, carpenter, indisposed 28 Mar 1758
to my brother Richard Hare all my two freehold tenements in Cove, Hampshire in the occupation of Thomas Gardiner and Thomas Wooldridge for life and then to my nephews Richard Lewcock and George Lewcock sons of my sister Barbara Lewcock; to my said nephews Richard and George Lewcock all my messuage in Castle Street, Farnham on east side in my occupation paying to my said sister Barbara £10, to my sister Mary Gregg, widow £5, to my nieces Mary Humphreys and Sarah Hare daughters of my brother Richard £10 each, to my nephews and nieces Samuel Lewcock, Thomas Lewcock, Mary Lewcock and Barbara Lewcock children of my sister Barbara £10 each, to my nephew and niece William Vice and Ann Vice children of my sister Ann Vice £10 each; to my nephews Richard and George Lewcock all my goods, execs.
Witnesses: John Crook; George Smith (X); John Lacy
Proved: 5 Apr 1758 to execs. 


PARENTS: Richard LUCOCK ( – ) and Rachel LANE (bur.1745) married 28 Feb 1688 in South Warnborough, Hampshire.
Rachel was buried in Odiham on 6 Jan 1745.

Richard married Mary Rundgar on 10 Jan 1724 in Odiham.
John was buried on 30 Dec 1707 in Odiham


Apart from Thomas and Mary, whose baptisms have been sourced online, and those mentioned in the will, the other sons, William and John, are placed here for convenience and need to be sourced before any definite conclusions as to their parentage can be reached!!

The will of Samuel Hare gives the mother’s name and Phillimores Marriage Registers: Volume 6 gives the father.

LEEUCOCK George  married HARE Barbara on 28 Jan 1727 in ODIHAM

George LEWCOCK (bef1740-1802)
Richard LEWCOCK (bef1740-1783)
Samuel LEWCOCK (bef1740


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