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Kathleen Mary “Molly” Tompkins

From Buckinghamshire to Essex via Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire.

The Tompkins were tenant farmers in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Essex.

The Gilletts and Godfrees and Baylis families were farming in Gloucestershire.

Kathleen Mary “Molly” Tompkins (left), was the first wife and cousin of Thomas Leigh de Fraine. 

John Tompkins (1831-1907), oldest son of Robert Tompkins and Ann Osborne, grandfather of Molly de Fraine née Tompkins, was also the grandfather of Thomas Leigh de Fraine.

Molly’s father was John’s son, Edwin Osborne Tompkins, and Leigh’s mother was John’s daughter Rosa Ellen Tompkins.

See The Gillett Spoons  for a more detailed explanation.

Week 23: Wedding

Marrying the sister of a deceased wife was illegal in Victorian England. " ...under the Marriage Act of 1835, which had the support of the established Anglican church, it was prohibited for a widower to marry his wife’s sister on the grounds of a passage in Leviticus,...

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Week 2: Favourite Photograph

This is a hard one. Should it be the picture of Sarah Jane Tompkins née Godfree, a maternal great x2 grandmother, which I see every day as it is hanging over my mantlepiece? She also appears at the top of every page of this website. Perhaps it could be the group one...

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John Tompkins, grandfather of Molly and Leigh de Fraine

John's first wife, Sarah Jane Godfree, was baptised on 20 May 1829 in Great Rissington. In 1841, she was with her grandparents George and Mary Godfree and in 1851, she was with her maternal aunt, Jane Smith, in Bourton on the Water. She married John Tompkins of...

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John Tompkins of Oddington

John Tompkins, great x2 grandfather of Molly Tompkins, presumably married Mary, but we have yet to find the marriage. In 1791 they had their first son, William, at Swanborne in north Buckinghamshire. The following year they had a daughter called Anne and in 1794,...

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John Tompkins “of Ambrosden”

  Until we find the marriage of John and Mary, the following is conjecture, but 90% likely! His age as given at burial would fit the John Tompkins who was born in Arncott (in Bucks) or Blackthorne (across the River Ray in Oxfordshire) in 1763 and was baptised on...

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Auctioneer of Reading

Robert Tompkins, a resident of Reading, Berkshire, was the second son of Robert Tompkins and Ann Osborn and seemed to have  led an interesting life. While browsing through some 19th Century newspapers recently, looking for a different surname entirely, I vaguely...

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The de Fraine, Tompkins and Gillett families often sent both their sons and daughters away from home for a few years of education, and I have several times spotted familiar surnames on lists of pupils, which when I have tracked them through other census returns and through birth registrations have turned out to be related to the name I was originally looking for.

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